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Manuel ArroyoManuel Arroyo 

Has anybody integrated Airwatch with OKTA (saml)?

Trying to get Airwatch to allow admins to login via saml. Hopefully later on can do the same with new phones etc. Has anybody gotten it to work? any tips?
Bogdan AndrisanBogdan Andrisan (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Manuel,

Currently, there is a seperate aplication that supports SAML for Airwatch, that is used to allow admins to login via SAML.
User-added image
using this version should enable all the functionality you are looking for.

Manuel ArroyoManuel Arroyo
Interesting. I used the admin app and I received this error below.

User-added image
Lawrence BainLawrence Bain
I have also had this issue when I tried to set it up.
Admin AccountAdmin Account
Any luck with this? Airwatch and being unhelpful as usual
BehrouzBehrouz (Okta, Inc.) 
Airwatch doesn't support IDP initiated login. You can login using the SP URL which will redirect you to Okta. You also can create a bookmark app using the SP login URL and assign it to your users.
Lawrence BainLawrence Bain

Hi Behrouz, do you know where I can find the SP URL to achieve this?


BehrouzBehrouz (Okta, Inc.) 
Hi Lawrence,
SP login URL for airwatch is usually a custom one. I believe their support would be able to provide the URL and more info regarding this.
Joseph WangJoseph Wang
The information is right on the last line of the SAML 2.0 instruction page.

[yourAirwatchHost] - is your domain AirWatch admin portal login url
[yourAirwatchGroupID] - is under your AirWatch Enrollment domain setting.

As stated by Okta, or you can ask your account manager or the support for the info.

Hope this help.

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