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Tanay Shankar PandeyTanay Shankar Pandey 

Logout redirect URL

Hi ,
I want that after hitting logout from my application which is integrated with Okta after killing all the sessions users should be redirected to the application specific Okta login page which is thrown for authentication in case of SP initiated call rather than the default Okta dashboard login page.
This is because if the user again wants to login again he should provide the credentials on the page on which he is redirected after logout and land on the application directly rather than landing on the Okta dashboard.
So is there any way to configure the logout URL to achieve the same on which someone form this community can provide me some guidance?
Radu GalanRadu Galan (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Tanay
Thanks for posting your question to the Okta Community!
To acheivie this configuration the logout URL has to be setup in the application on the SP side,
the URL for this can be taken from the App in the Okta dashboard and after that if the users do not have any other active session they will be redirected to the login page.