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Fidel ZepedaFidel Zepeda 

OKTA lifetime session

If you have a session lifetime of 4 Hours, does that mean that the session will end at 4 hours exactly or does it mean it will end after 4 Hours of Inactivity?
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
It means that the session will end in 4 hours and require the user to need to re-authenticate to Okta to log back in again. But the user does not have to be interactive with the browser to maintain the session.
Fidel ZepedaFidel Zepeda
Ok, so where do I change the session time? I thought it was unders Security>General settings, but I don’t see it there anymore… has the setting location changed? - Fidel
Varun AgarwalVarun Agarwal
I am facing the same issue not able to find out session life time, can anyone help here ?
Owen FullerOwen Fuller
Try Security > Policies
Blizzard OktaBlizzard Okta
sign-on policy
Art CarreraArt Carrera
I want to force my users to reauthenticate via their MFA every X hours.  It seems that as long as they are active within the Okta portal, their session stays alive and never ends.  Any idea how to force reauthentication via MFA?
amasgrau adminamasgrau admin
I have my session lifetime set to 2 hours, but I'm also wondering if this means 2 hours of inactivity or if they will be prompted every 2 hours when they're activily in the Okta portal or Okta app?
Eric TiptonEric Tipton
I too would like clarification on specifically what actions keep a session active. In a scenario where the Okta session is 2 hours but an app in Okta has a 1 hour session, will the process of reauthenticating to that app via Okta start the Okta session time counter over again?