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Use N-Central to push Okta?

Has anyone used N-Central to push Okta to local machines? We are a non-domain environment and I am trying to have N-Central install the plugin and then activate the add-ons. I can get it to run the installer (easy) but the plugins are a different story. This is one of those times where you REALLY AD.

Can the activation be done via a Powershell script?

Adrian DumitruAdrian Dumitru (Okta, Inc.)
There was no request like this before. Considering you can install the plugin, this might be a question better suited for N-able support.

As an alternate solution, you can go to Settings -> Customization -> Browser plugin and change the following :

IT manages Okta Plugin -> No
Enable Okta toolbar for group -> Everyone

Now if users are assigned SWA applications, then they'll get prompted to install the plug-in.

Also, here is our article regarding Silently Installing the Browser Plugin (, it might contain useful information.