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Thomas KuehnThomas Kuehn 

JIRA 7.1.9 Support

The JIRA On-Premise Okta Toolkit 2.0.2 is officially tested and supports 7.1.2. Has anyone had any success running it with JIRA 7.1.9?
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Thomas KuehnThomas Kuehn
Just if anyone is wondering, we were able to sucessfully upgrade to JIRA 7.1.9 using the 2.0.2 toolkit.

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Thomas KuehnThomas Kuehn
Just if anyone is wondering, we were able to sucessfully upgrade to JIRA 7.1.9 using the 2.0.2 toolkit.
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Admin Sharan VenkataAdmin Sharan Venkata
Yes we are using version 7.1.9 now and even if okta has not included it in the supported version we are still able to do SSO on the latest version.
Alex LorsungAlex Lorsung
We have successfully implemented the .jar for SSO for versions "7.0 and later"

We had to completely redo the seraph and okta-jira configs upon upgrading to 7.1.9. As well we had to recreate the SAML for the application in OKTA, but once those steps were taken it did end up working.

We are waiting for a thumbs up from OKTA support wise before we implement this into our production JIRA.
Thomas KuehnThomas Kuehn
Has any one else had issues with JIRA authentication timing out? E.g. After 1-2 hours idle, users try to update an issue or navigate to a page, they get a connection error and are kicked out. Then Okta relogs them in. THis also happened to us in JIRA 7.8.10.

We've edited /opt/atlassian/jira/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/web.xml and set a session-timeout of 480 minutes. Okta Security is also set to allow 8 hours while within the office. 

Any ideas?
Jeanne HoweJeanne Howe
It is not your JIRA session timeout that is the issue. Okta has its own session timeout. You need to have the Okta Admin modify the Okta session timeout.
Driton HajriziDriton Hajrizi
Hi there, I'm trying to integrate Jira on Premise using OKTA, so far i have configure AD Agent, the users has been imported, Jira-on Premise app has been added and 3 users has been assigned to Jira App, and the configuration from "View Instruction" has been added to Jira config files. The problem is that when I try to login to Jira through okta (chrome plugin or throught web) it just gets back to Jira login page. I'm using Windows 2012 R2 / Atlassian Jira 7.2.2.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot
Thomas KuehnThomas Kuehn
@Driton - Officially it apperas Okta supports up to 7.1.2, tho as per my experience it worked with 7.1.9. So 7.2.x is uncharted territory - tho if it didn't work, I would have expected an error message of some sort.

General steps are:
  • Create okta-config-jira.xml
  • Modify param-values for login.url, link.login.url, logout.url in [jira_webdir]/WEB-INF/classes/seraph-config.xml
  • Modify <authenticator class=...   in [jira_webdir]/WEB-INF/classes/seraph-config.xml
  • Copy okta-jira.jar to the [jira_webdir]/WEB-INF/lib directory
My suspicision is that something isn't right in your seraph-config.xml file.
Rick CariniRick Carini
@Thomas - your question was posted quite some time ago, but I found the following on the Atlassian community site: