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Joel CraenhalsJoel Craenhals 

Slack push groups not working

I want to configure the Push Groups functionality for my Slack organization. However it's not working as it should.

I can add a push group to my Slack application and the group is being created in Slack, however only 1 member is synced to the group in Slack.

Someone found a solution to this problem?
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
This should work as expected, please raise a support case.
Joel CraenhalsJoel Craenhals
What do you actually need as extra info to have this fixed?

Best regards,
Aaron AsencioAaron Asencio
Push Groups will push groups and members to Slack and those members will appear as members of those groups in Slack ONLY IF the users do not exist in Slack already. Please upvote idea Slack Push Groups - Move Existing Slack Users Into Pushed Groups (