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Arvind RohitArvind Rohit 

What is SP Entity ID ? ? how to khow this ??

Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)

Hi Arvind
SP Entity ID is usually a URL or other identifier given by the Service Provider (SP) that uniquely identifies it. It's often part of a metadata file (an XML file with a certificate, entity ID, and endpoint URLs). You should be able to request this from the SP.

Which Service Provider are you trying to integrate?


Gabriel Sroka

Michael DaltonMichael Dalton
i am trying to use OKTA as my service provider. We are trying to create an Oracle Fusion Cloud signon. our fusion guys have taken the OKTA Metadata and loaded it into the proper areas in fusion.  They gave me the URL that I am to test to ensure that the OKTA signon to the oracle fusion is working.    so do i just use the sp entity id inside the OKTA metadata for the sp entity id?   when i do, it comes back and says that i am not authorized and have not been assigned to use this application - however, i am Okta admin and i did assign myself to this app and went to my apps and then clicked it.   so why is it telling me i am not assigned this app?   IF I DO NOT use the OKTA sp entity id in the SAML setup and instead use the last node of the fusion url then it attempts to signon but always fails on the oracle signon  michael.dalton@atco.com (mailto:michael.dalton@atco.com)
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Michael
Okta acts as the Identity Provider (IdP), and Oracle Fusion would be the Service Provider (SP).

Okta needs the Fusion (SP) information (URL, SP entity ID, etc) for SAML to work.