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Eliazar GalvanEliazar Galvan 

Any way to get a warning before OKTA updates its plugin?

So my issue is that my user's use Internet Explorer wich unlike Google Chrome there is no self updating option for the plugin. My company recently started using OKTA for out Peoplesoft Punch in system and the issue is that when there is a new plugin for the browser my end users receive the popup and get confused on what to do. I know you can let IT manage the plugin and it will turn off those updates but I do want my external clients who also use OKTA to see that popup. Is there an e-mail or anything I am missing that supposed to be notifying me that there is an upcoming change to the plugin? If I had been notified it will go into production a week before that would suffice, but currently I am getting calls at midnight that users can't log in, and this has happened twice. Unfortunatley I can't promote these users to power users so they can update the plugin as the systems are locked down. Can I turn off the popup for some but not others? I am aware that the links do work even with the outdated plugin but the red overlay that plugin needs to be updated to launch this app does confuse my users in addition to obscuring the 3 nearly identical Peoplesoft apps only one of which the hourly employees use. That was a lot of rambling, sorry.

Any suggestions would be great!  Thank you!
Jim KnutsonJim Knutson (Okta, Inc.)
There is an option in the Admin Console under Settings, Customization. For IT manages Okta Plugin. This will allow you to distrubate the plug in via using a .MSI and GPO's to push the plug in to users. Users will no longer be prompted to install the plug-in and it will be completely managed by you. 
Hope that Helps!