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NikkiTest GroupAdminNikkiTest GroupAdmin 

Successfully populate ManagerUPN?

We are trying to leverage Workday as a master for some of our AD data, including manager.  Per the documentation (, I am successfully populating the manager UPN into Okta, but it's not doing the 'translation' in AD as promised.  I have confirmed the manager exists in AD and has a matching UPN to the one generated by Okta.  Has anyone else experienced this?
Pramod HagadurPramod Hagadur (Okta, Inc.)
Does the manager exist in the OU that AD Agent Service account has access to in AD ? Manager should exist in the OU that AD agent can search in AD and has delegated autenticated on the OU. 
NikkiTest GroupAdminNikkiTest GroupAdmin
Yes, the manager exists and the UPN of the manager matches that of the 'generated Manger UPN'.  Okta has created and manages both the employee and the manager
Pramod HagadurPramod Hagadur (Okta, Inc.)
Ok, Manager exists in AD, but do the AD agent have Delegated authenication on OU where manager exist? AD agent might not have permissions to view that manager in AD OU where manager exist. Grand AD agent permission to view users in the top OU in AD
Eric TiptonEric Tipton
Nicole: As I recall, the suggested method in that guide didn't work for me. My working mappings are as follows:

Workday --> Okta: appuser.managerUserName --> ManagerUsername
Okta --> AD: user.ManagerUsername + "@<YourDomainHere>.com" --> managerUpn

I presume you are able to succesfully push other attributes from Workday to Okta then AD?
NikkiTest GroupAdminNikkiTest GroupAdmin
Pramod, The service account running the AD agent is a domain admin

Eric, thanks for the tip!  I've found when I pull appuser.managerUserName, i get the employeeID of the manager, not the actual username.  You get a username?  Maybe I have a wonky Workday setup?
Eric TiptonEric Tipton
Possible that you are using the Employee ID as the username for Workday? Yes, I definitely get the actual username. 
Venkat KVenkat K
I am also facing same problem. I get manager employeeid as managerUserName from workday. Does that work?