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Art FrankArt Frank 

App Credentials

I would like to reset the credentials for a particular SWA app for a particular user. Basically, so it prompts the user once again to set up the app. I tried unassigning the app, then reassigning it, and that didn't work--it appears that Okta held onto the existing credentials and used them. Is this possible?
Ovidiu PirvuOvidiu Pirvu (Okta, Inc.)
You can change the user's credentials yourself by going to the Admin Panel -> Directory -> Users -> Select the specific user -> Applications.

Here you can click on the "Edit Assignment" button for the App you want to change the password for.

If the application has under " SIGN IN METHODS " :
" Administrator sets username and password "
" Users share a single username and password set by administrator "
you will be able to reset the password for the user.

Otherwise he will need to reset it himself by going to his Dashboard and click on the "settings" button that is on the chicklet of the app and selecting
" Update Credentials ".
Art FrankArt Frank
That isn't really what I asked for. I don't want the administrator to set the credentials, I want the administrator to remove credentials, so that the user experience is just like when the SWA app is initially assigned (user propted to set the credentials for the app).