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Suman PagadalaSuman Pagadala 

Password age

Hi Team,

I would like to know about password age settings.

1. If i enable Minimum password age 2 days and maximum password age 120 days will it effect the users to change the password right now and after how many days Password expires.
2. Is there any way to group the number of users and set password expiry policy for them.

Suman Kumar Pagadala
Jerrell GaryJerrell Gary (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Suman,

Here is a KB article that can answer your general questions about password complexity.

For your question number 2. Yes there is a feature we can enable for using groups to set up sign-on policies as well as password policies.

Here is a KB article to address question number 2.

I would suggest opening a support case for question number 1 if the KB article does not address your question directly.