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Mike LloydMike Lloyd 

Creating alarms

Is there a way to create alarms or notifications when a admin account is added?
Florin StoicaFlorin Stoica (Okta, Inc.)
Unfortunately, at this moment, there is no such feature, however I recommend you to create a feature request in our community forums. At the bottom of the Okta admin page, click on "suggest a feature." Another method is when you’re in Okta Admin portal > Help & Support > Community Forums > (Left Nav Bar) Admins Feature Request and submit this in your own words. This is the model going forward to empower Okta admin to make requests, and to solicit input from the community who also share your desire for this enhancement, not to mention it can be tracked while going forward. While I can submit the request on our behalf, you will lose primary visibility to the request once the request is made. I hope this information will be of help.