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Cary SiemersCary Siemers 

IE11 Favorites and Office365

I have a user that has an IE11 Favorite setup to go to her Site in SharePoint. She says she used to be able to click on the Favorite and go right to the Site.
Today when she clicks on the Favorite it stops at the Office365 signin page, she clicks on her username and then goes to her site.
Does anyone else see similar behavior? I can recreate what she sees today. As I never use Favorites I can't confirm what the behavior was previously, if anything different.
Anyone see a similar change? Or what is the behavior for you for a Favorite pointing to Office365?
Bogdan AndrisanBogdan Andrisan (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Cary,

Indeed, the expected behavior is for users to have to select their user on the Microsoft sign-in page, and once the user is selected, the authentication flow signs the user in.
It is possible that the user's session was still active, and if an existing session exists, it automatically returns the authenticated view, without having to select the user.

Thank you,
Bogdan Andrisan.​