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Chandini VenkateshChandini Venkatesh 

login parameter validation

Identity Management
 Is "login" parameter while creating user as to be "email id" , Can't we create user with "username" like in stormpath (Eg: username : john4321). 
* Can we change login validation to accept username?
* If not is there any other parameter which can work like username, where providing username and password verification can be done without email id.

Adrian RahauAdrian Rahau (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Chandini,

Thank you for reaching out to Okta Community.

As we are reffering to Okta,while creating an user it is mandatory that the username format to be as "email id". 

When logging into Okta, you will just need to input the username prefix, with the format you specified (e.g. john4321).

You'll only need to use usernames formats as email-ids when creating the users, not also for logging in. 

Adrian Rahau
Technical Support Engineer | Okta