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Waverly EdwardsWaverly Edwards 

Making a phone number mandatory

When users log in for the first time, can they be required to enter the mobile phone number (not MFA related) and in turn populate the mobile phone number field?  The end-goal is to ensure ALL users (whether they are enrolled in MFA or not) provide input for a mobile phone.

How do you make the phone number field mandatory without causing a failure when you import users.

Alternatively, is it possible to require a user to enter a phone number (not MFA related) but then extract that number so that we can put it into a field.
Paul AuerPaul Auer (Okta, Inc.)

Thank you for contacting Okta Support.

Unfortunately, there is no way to force the users populate their mobile phone number, other than MFA. But an Okta mastered user can upload his mobile phone number from his UI -> Settings -> Edit Profile -> Mobile phone. This will also fill the 'Mobile phone' attribute in the user's profile. For a pop-up window that asks for the phone number, you can submit a Feature Request, that will be voted by the Community members.
There are just 4 mandatory attributes in Okta ( username, e-mail address, first and last name ). If you make another attribute mandatory ( like the phone number ) it will have to be filled in order to complete the import.

Paul Auer
Technical Support Engineer | Okta