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Trevor GreggTrevor Gregg 

Find and Disable Okta support button?

Periodically we, the Okta admins, receive emails stating:

'This message was sent from the Okta support feature. If you feel this 
feedback is better suited for Okta, please forward this message to'

These emails invariably have a couple-of-word part of a sentence in them, often times the user's password, and are essentially incomplete.  I have two questions regarding these emails:

1) Where in the Okta web UI or plugin are users going to generate these emails?  
2) Is there a way we can disable this feature? Our users have a proper ticketing process they should follow, rather than trying to use an okta-integrated feature.

I'm sure this is an easy answer, but I can't seem to find any sort of 'request help' feature when signed in to Okta as admin that would seem to tie to this function.

Manikanta ManchalaManikanta Manchala
Hi ,

First thing I want you to check is go to settings>Account> End user support> Technical Contact
Verify do you have your email address, if you have your email address give your company help desk email.

End users are searching for an app on the launch bar ( search)  of the application home page, when they dont find an app assigned , okta automatically prompts the users to request an app
When users click on request app, the request is being sent to the techincal contact mentioned in the account tab.

Presently okta does not have any feature to turn off the request app feature button, so if you dont want to recieve those requests, give your company help desk email as an techincal contact, so that the requests are being sent to help desk.
Trevor GreggTrevor Gregg
Thanks for the info.