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Wijntjes, Paul 635154Wijntjes, Paul 635154 

Get members from Admin role


I would like an API call to get the members for the specific admin roles. I have an interface build for okta that imports all users however i need a seperate call per user to get their admin roles. This is very time consuming. It would speed up the import if we can get the members for the specific admin roles and not querying 22.000 times for each user if he/she is assigned to the admin role.

We need this information to manage the assignment for these admin roles by our internal identity management system
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)

Thank you for choosing Okta.

Please ensure you check our documentation at in regards to your specific inquiry. Should you not be able to utilize our resources to generate the desire objective please feel free to suggest this as a feature enhancement. 

You can suggest this on the Okta Community by using the 'Suggest a feature' option at the bottom of the Okta admin console. Features suggested in our community are reviewed and can be voted and commented on by other members of the community, therefore making it much easier for the engineering team to understand the priorities that you have for feature requests. From there, the PM team will review the top 30 most voted upon ideas each month and provide feedback/roadmap status on these via the forum.