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Mat MayMat May 

Firebox VPN authentication via Okta

Has anyone successfully set up Firebox VPN authentication via Okta for Watchguard firewalls?  I have been hunting for a solution, but Okta does not seem to have a pre-canned solution.

Alan GohoAlan Goho (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Mat,
      It looks like Firebox supports RADIUS based authentication (, and so does Okta.  You can use Okta's RADIUS agent to provide authentication for Firebox. 

Okta's RADIUS agent is a RADIUS server, and the Firebox device will act like a RADIUS client.  The Firebox device will call the Okta agent for authenticating users, and the Okta agent will forward requests to your Okta Org.  Setup from the Okta side is very straight forward (see doc below), and the setup on the Firebox side look straigh foward too (again, see doc below).
You'll want to perform full testing, of course, to ensure your use cases are all met.

Here's a link for the Firebox RADIUS configuration:

And here's link to the Okta RADIUS agent configuration:

Good luck!  Hope that helps you!

Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
Okta could only support Watchguard VPN for the PAP protocol use cases, i.e. Watchguard VPN with IPsec or SSL authentication - as the other Watchguard use case(s) such as LT2P tunnelling would use CHAP which isn't supported ...
as per
Watchguard PAP only
Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
Adding more detail to thi support article - after recently successfully configuring Watchguard VPN with OKta Enhanced Radius agent I can now state the following:

Watchguard VPN requires Radius group support and user authentication attempts fail with a generic "reinstall VPN  / downloadexecutable" message of the Okta Radius Agent does not return the same group name that Watchguard expects

... with this statement in mind the following is a working Okra Enhanced Radius Agent configuration:
  1. Okta Radius OAN app with primary auth enabled
  2. AD or Okta group assigned (that matches the Watchguard group name exactly)
  3. User-added image
  4. User-added image
  5. Okta MFA (Radius OAN) 'app only' or MFA 'off network' policy assigned
  6. Ensure ragent.ssl.pinning = false (in Radius agent config xml file)
Test the Client access with Watchguard VPN and Okta Verify

User-added image
  • Success
User-added image
  • Generic failure message

User-added image

Rudy van den BerghRudy van den Bergh
I configured the Radius Agent 2.5.0 and the Radius Generic App. The 2FA with WatchGuard and Okta Verify is working. The only problem I have for now is that my SSL VPN connection disconnect after 90 sec ad I really don't know where to search.
If I authenticatie without the Radius my SSL VPN connection stays active.

Anyone got a suggestion for me ?
Nouredine van DijkNouredine van Dijk
Hi Rudy,

We've connected okta in the past with watchguard by using freeradius as proxy.
We had the same problem (only 60 sec), issue was there is a session-timeout option, this option is been used so that after 60 seconds the login stops if you dont fill in a username/pw/mfa. this settings was pushed to the Watchguard also, We had to add an option to change the session-timeout to 0 after the login, and that did the trick.
I cannot see this option in the generic radius app. i did not check the new raduis agent if there is an option for this.
Nouredine van DijkNouredine van Dijk
i've asked my colleage and we pushed 'Session-Timeout := "0",' besides the filter-id to the watchguard.
But it looks like the generic radius app cannot do this.
Nouredine van DijkNouredine van Dijk
Add ragent.mfa.timeout.seconds = 28800 to your will give you a session timeout of 8 hours.
put a 0 here (unlimited) wil not work, 0 is excluded tot being accepted by tha okta radius agent.

This is not the properly way of doing this but a good workaround, this is officially the login timeout before the mfa is not accepted anymore. Only Okta has his own 2 minutes timeout before a request will be rejected.

i think there should be an ragent.mfa.session.seconds/minutes/hours function to make this officially with an 0 (unlimited) allow.

Edward HollidayEdward Holliday (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Nouredine,

we have just tested (ragent.mfa.timeout.seconds = 28800) change to the Okta Radius server and it looks like the Watchguard successfully mantain the VPN session for more than ~90 secs so great stuff Nouredine

It seems that some Radius Client's (in this case Watchguard) interpret the Radius protocol in this regard to have a very low session lifetime for session or MFA session state

Rudy van den BerghRudy van den Bergh
Hi Nouredine,

Your sollutions works ! Thx !