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Samad AbdulSamad Abdul 

Password Expiration email reminder

Does Okta have this password reminder email feature? I'd like our users to get a reminder with a link to okta portal certain days before their password expires.
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Samad
Okta doesn't send email reminders, but can be configured to remind the user during login that their password is about to expire. Please see:
Pavel GrigoryevPavel Grigoryev
that would be a really usefull feature
Jordan NolanJordan Nolan
I posted this on Spiceworks.  I think this is what you are looking for to send nightly email reminders to people with passwords expiring soon.  It also has a spot to send you an email message with a list of users who's password are expring in a few days.

Samad AbdulSamad Abdul

Hi Jordan,
Thank you for the script. When you say a few days, how many days before does this send out an email? Right now we have a reminder set for 5 days before password expires. Can I change the days? thank you