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Mohan MysoreMohan Mysore 

Migration guidelines / wizard for Oracle / CA migration to Okta

I am after any information if available on migration guidelines, best practices or any tools for migrating from
Oracle Access Manager  AND CA Siteminder to Okta. As i could not find any information on this in any of the Okta collaterals
Thanks in advance
Adam LoweAdam Lowe (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Mohan.  I was unable to locate Okta documentation for this.  This sounds like a very specific request, so I'm not certain there will be documentation on this type of migration, unless someone who's also gone through this was also kind enough to document their experience and post it somewhere online.

There's also lots of factors in a migration that could not be expressed generally.  What service providers are you migrating over?  Where are the users sourced from (Active Directory, LDAP, Workday, directly in Okta, etc)?  Are there any custom integrations that were internally developed that will need to be recoded?

Speaking generally, I think there are questions an admin should ask themselves for any kind of migration.
- What kind of downtime will there be and when is the best time to schedule?
- How can I rollback to a known working state if an unexpected issue occurs during migration?
- Can both services run in tandem as part of the migration, or is there a moment where you have to flip the switch to immediately go from one service to the other?
- What are the mission critical services to ensure are working?
- Can you create a staging enviornment to test in first?

Answering some fo these questions may help guide your migration.
Mohan MysoreMohan Mysore
Hi Adam
Thanks for your response. Understand that there is no specific migration / best practices documentation guide avaialble for either of the above vendor products.
And would be helpful if there is any best practice guidelines which is not vendor specific but rather for any on-premise IAM migration to Okta.