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Mat MayMat May 

Problems with Jira On-Premise SAML configuration instructions

I am having an issue configuring Jira On-Premise to use the SAML 2.0 authentication.  I am running Jira On-Premise 7.3.1 on a server running RHEL 7.3

I am following the Okta provided instructions and have done the following steps:
  • Created the okta-config-jira.xml file and pasted the contents provided in the documentation.
  • Edited the seraph-config.xml and set the following values
    • login.url param-value
    • link.login.url param-value
    • logout.url param-value
    • replaced the authenticator class
  • Installed the okta-jira-2.0.3.jar in the required directory
  • Restarted the Jira instance
After the restart is complete I try to login to Jira by clicking on the Okta button under "My Application" and I receive an error "Sorry, we had some technical problems during your last operation"

Am I missing something here?  Shouldn't I be able to login to the Jira instance after following the Okta application SAML setup instructions?  Is there something that needs to be done before implementing these instructions?

Thank you for any help and suggestions.
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Hi Mat

Have you tried the same process with our supported versions of Jira and if so, do you experience the same behavior?

JIRA Core 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2
JIRA Software 7.1.0, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 
Mat MayMat May
Thank you for the reply.  It turns out that there were a couple reasons as to why I was unsuccessful in configuring SAML authentication.  

First, I had placed the okta-config-jira.xml in the wrong location.  It should have been placed at the root Jira installation directory, I had placed it in a conf diretory.  Once I placed the okta-config-jira.xml in the proper directory, then pathed it in the seraph-config.xml, and then restarted Jira; the application came up successfully.

The second issue was/is my tenant does not have provisioning actived so I was not able to "simply" log in by clicking the Jira tile on my dashboard.  
Iris AbramovitzIris Abramovitz
Hello we have Jira Software version 7.3, and we can not get okta working with Jira. We previously had it working with the 6 version. We updated our jar file to the 2.0.4 as well as we have our config files in correct locations. Any other ideas to provide? It seems that when we logon from the icon on our okta site it works. but if we go to the jira site it doesnt invoke the okta :(
Thanks in advance,