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HenkJan de VriesHenkJan de Vries 

ACS multiple url endpoints

In the latest release notes i saw this:
"In addition to the index, we now support requesting the SAML ACS Endpoint by URL. For information about allowing apps to request other URLs, see Using the App Integration Wizard."

Is this globally available and is it integrated in all saml capable apps, or just the template apps. Im curious as there are some situations id like to use this.

Hopefully you can provide me with an answer.
Cosmin OlteanuCosmin Olteanu (Okta, Inc.)

Hello Henk-Jan Devries,

The ACS multiple endpoint by URL feature will only be available in the App Integration Wizard going forward. Okta is considering the multiple ACS support for OAN in the upcoming roadmaps in the near future, however we do not have any dates in place for it. For information, please use the Release Notes.

Thank you for choosing Okta.

Kevin RogersKevin Rogers
How exactly are these endpoints selected? Is there a modification of URL or is there a different payload in the POST request? I have been looking for days with no luck determining how to use these. Is there documentation or examples?