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Jeanne DeVoreJeanne DeVore 

Turn off Workplace by Facebook sync

I'm trying to get AD Sync working for Workplace by Facebook. I'm having problems, so I don't think I turned the Workplace app on in Okta, and yet all of a sudden, when users tried to log into Workplace, they were directed to an Okta login screen. But because the AD sync still isn't working, none of them can log in. When I, as admin, try, I can log into Facebook using my Okta login, which isn't going to help any of my Facebook users. If I deactivate Workplace in Okta, then I can't log into Facebook at all - I can only log into Okta. I need to get my users back onto Facebook using their old Facebook IDs. Help!
Jaypee ManansalaJaypee Manansala (Okta)
Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for reaching out to Okta Support Community.

You need to 'disable' in Facebook "Require SAML authentication for all users now" based on Okta external source link: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/workplace/authentication/sso

If you need any further assistance on this, please submit an Okta support case in regards of this issue.


JP Manansala