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Jeanne DeVoreJeanne DeVore 

Mapping AD to Okta attributes

I'm trying to get AD Sync to work, but my mapping isn't working. There doesn't appear to be any correlation between required AD fields such as ObjectGUID, givenname, SN, UPN, and the Okta side. Could they have been deleted? If so, how do I get them back?
Adrian MocanuAdrian Mocanu (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is Adrian and I'll be handling your case. 
You will have to go into Profile Editor > Profile Mapping and map it with the corespondent attribute from Okta.
As an example the UPN, user principal name, could be mapped with okta username/Primary Email or if you want to have an attribute that has the same name in Okta as in AD you can always go into Profile Editor > Okta > Profile and create a custom one with the desired name.
The objectGUID does not have a corespondent attribute in Okta, this is usually used to uniquely identify imported users.
SN should be surname or LastName,  givenname should be first name.

I'll also add an article related to Active Directory Field Mappings (
Jeanne DeVoreJeanne DeVore
Thanks much, this was a big help. Now my problem is trying to map the Primary Phone in Active Directory to Telephone in Workplace. The only field I'm given in Workplace is MobilePhone, which doesn't map to telephone.