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Francois DavoustFrancois Davoust 

Send Email from Log / task


If where a way to send my mail pending task or reports, in the same way I received AD import summary ?

Adam LoweAdam Lowe (Okta, Inc.)
Unfortunately, there is not currently an option for this, but I can certainly see the value in additional email notifications, so admins can stay on top of any potential issue that arrises.  I recommend putting in a feature request for this functionality.

Currently, the options for email notifications can be found under Settings > Account > Email Notifications.  The following notifications are currently available:
  • ​User lockouts
  • App user import status
  • On-Premises Provisioning, or RSA agents disconnects and reconnects
  • IWA agents disconnects and reconnects
  • AD agents disconnects and reconnects
  • LDAP agents disconnects and reconnects
  • Okta release notes and announcements
  • Known issues and system outages
  • Scheduled system updates
Clément BecretClément Becret

We're currently facing a situation where we would like to receive an email from Okta when a user data changed. Are there new features for emails notifications ? If yes, where can I read about it ?


Kind regards,