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Dave McMartinDave McMartin 

Option to auto-rotate background image

I know there is the ability to change the background image on the sign page fairly easily but we are looking to have the ability to point it at a repository of images or something of the like so we can change that image automatically every so often.  Is there any way to do that via API?



Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Dave
Here are a few options.
Rotate the target image, ie, have Okta point to http://server/image.jpg, but have that image rotate.

You could write your own page using our sign in widget:
Ryan Tapp (Admin)Ryan Tapp (Admin)
Rotating the target image seems easy enough, but how to do this?  In the Admin center, I'm uploading the image and it's being called from op1static.oktacdn.com.  Would this option only be available if we created our own logon page (and hosted our own images) using the sign in widget?

What about the API, is this exposed?  Ideally I'd just create a cron job that would substitute a new pic via an API call on a weekly basis.  Is this possible?