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Mark BMark B 

Windows Native Example

I need to create a proof of concept. We are creating an application that will run on Windows 10, but it will essentially be a kiosk-type program. The system will be restricted to running only our application -- that means ***no browser***.

We would like to authenticate the user with Okta and connect to our business web services with authorization from Okta. 

I'm currently looking at the "Okta OpenID Connect Windows Native Example." The example almost does what I need. However, it still invokes a browser which prompts for a login and gets redirected back to the example's HttpListener.

Is ther any way to use Okta with ***no browser***? My application would need to provide the user credentials -- maybe using the .Net api, or maybe an HttpClient object, I guess.

I'm stumped. Is it impossible to do this?
Darron HellmannDarron Hellmann (Okta)
Out of the box, Okta requires the use of a browser. However, that's not saying it's impossible to go "browserless".