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Michael SmithMichael Smith 

Aurion Integration

Has anyone done any intergration with Aurion (
Richard DeJesusRichard DeJesus (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Michael,

Unfortunately at this time we don't have an app created for Aurion on the OAN (Okta Application Network) but there is a workaround for this. You can use the AIW (Application Integration Wizard) to create an application. 

First you would login to your org as an administrator and navigate to the Admin Dashboard, from there you would click Applications > Applications. 
From here you can click Add applications and then click the green "Create New App" Button. 
Next you would click Secure Web Authentication and click Create. 
Here you need to specify the App name, The login url, and you can upload a logo for your app (optional).

What I used and seemed to work for me is
App Name : Aurion
App's Login Page url :

I downloaded the logo from a google image search and uploaded it to the application. 

After these steps are done click next and click the assign to people to specify who is allowed to use the app. (For testing purposes assign it to you or a test user) 
Once this is done click done. 
Now log in to an account where the app was assigned to and click the application chiclet. 
A window should pop up and prompt you for the username and password. 
Once this information is entered click sign in to Aurion. 
The app should redirect to the logon page and enter the credentials needed to log in. 

Michael SmithMichael Smith
Hi Richard,

Thanks for your answer; informative.

I should have been more specific; I was actually meaning integration as in Okta using Aurion as a data source.

Has anyone done this before?

Richard DeJesusRichard DeJesus (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Michael,

As of right now we don’t have an app instance created for Aurion. We have supported methods that we can use to integrate a newly created app by using SWA/SAML/WS-FED.
Here are a few links that might help
SWA/SAML/OpenID Connect -