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Leo ChanLeo Chan 

Firefox 51.0.1 (64-bit) Okta Browser Plugin MacOS 10.12.3

I've been using Okta in Firefox fine for several months. Just within the past few weeks, I've noticed that Firefox doesnt like my Okta plugin and prompts me with "40 of your apps require the Okta browser plugin". I would go through the routine of Install and after installation, it still prompts me. I've uninstalled the plugin, restart firefox, install plugin and it still doesnt take. The only time it would work is if I totally "Refresh Fiirefox" or uninstall/reinstall the browser on my laptop... and it only works for a day or two. Has anyone else experienced this?
Anthony StefanacciAnthony Stefanacci
Experiencing it here as well.  Same version 51.0.1 but 32 bit. 
Jerry GeyerJerry Geyer
51.0.1 - 32 bit is an issue for Windows as well.
Gary Thompson ADMGary Thompson ADM
Hi Guys, Version 5.9.X Plugin is not compatible with Firefox 51. You will have to wait for version 5.11.X. According to OKTA's knowledge article (link provided below), roll out is scheduled to start on 2/20/17. Hope this helps.
Matt WardMatt Ward
It's happening on Linux too. Doesn't work at all. This seems like a downside of the perpetual automatic upgrades that all the browsers do now. I hope Okta are going to test the plugins ahead of the releases in future?
Matt WardMatt Ward
Just to clarify... Firefox 51.0.1 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS