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Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau 

Wildcard search in Universal Directory

Is there any way to do a wildcard search in Universal Directory (Directory / People)?   It seems to only match on the start of the First Name, Last Name, or Email Address.

For example, I'd like to find out how many users exist with an email domain of '@codix.gr'.   Using * or % does not seem to work. 


Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Michael
You can't use wildcards. Here are a few alternatives:
1. Reports > Reports > Okta Password Health has users with their logins (not emails), but if they're the same, you could download it and search locally.
2. Use the Users API to download users

There is a more advanced search in the Users API, but it doesn't support wildcards either. It might be useful for other searches:
Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau
I'm aware of the REST API and have used it for some other functionality. I was just trying to avoid having to create a custom application if it could be done within the Okta UI.  Since that's not currently possible I guess I'll have to create a small search application to do what I need.


Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Another idea, if the emails are sourced from, eg, AD, you could:
1. create a custom field, eg "domain", in the Okta user object
2. use UD to parse the AD email, just pull out the domain and save it to "domain"
3. search with the Users API
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
If you have Group Rules:

it supports the "contains" operator.
1. create an Okta group called "codix"
2. create a Group Rule like this:
IF user.email contains "@codix.gr" THEN Assign to codix
3. activate the rule
4. check out the codix group

The codix group will show you how many members and the members themselves.
Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau
You misunderstood the question.  I want to be able to search for partial matches on *ANY* email address - codix.gr was just an example.  It's not practical to create a group for every email domain of every user in the Universal Driectory and keep them up-to-date.  
Josh SkeenJosh Skeen (Okta)
Hi Michael,

As Gabriel stated above, wildcard searches/searching based on partial matches like you are describing are not something that can be performed in the Okta UI at this time. This would be a great candidate for a feature request, however.

To submit this as a feature request, you can do so by going to https://community.okta.com/ and then logging in and clicking on the "Ideas" button in the top-right hand corner of the page, and then select "Post Idea" on the next page. This will open a feature request for other members of the community, including our own Product Managers, to see and vote on.

Thank you,

Josh Skeen
Technical Support Engineer
Robin Klix_oktaRobin Klix_okta
Hi all,

Search for groups does not work with wildcards, too.
Pretty bad for an Admin Portal when I can not work efficiently

Best Regards