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Davis BeemanDavis Beeman 

RSS Feed Shows No Content

The web-based link to the RSS feed shows content similar to the status page, but when that feed is put into Slack, all that shows up is:

Okta Trust BOT [06:49] 
Investigating (://)
Time Duration :

Okta Trust BOT [07:19] 
Investigating (://)
Time Duration :

Okta Trust BOT [07:49] 
Resolved Major Service Disruption (://)
Time Duration :0.0

Other feeds work fine, not sure what is going on here.  This is less than useful.  It is nice that they update it regularly, but we need to see the scope of the outage as described elsewhere.  
ChrisChris (Okta) 
Thank you for raising awareness of this RSS / Slack issue. As you stated in your post, other RSS feeds are working as expected. Okta Customer Support is available to work directly with you to try and identify the root cause of this issue. While we of course may also need to engage with Slack Support we would like to help get the root cause identified and resolved.
Casey SantosCasey Santos
We are having the same issue.  Please assist.  It is how we keep up with the announcements and outages.
Raj KrishnamurthyRaj Krishnamurthy
We have the same issue as well- here is what is displayed in Slack and it is useless. Ideally we need a notification of an outage and subsequent notification when issue is resolved.

See screenshot below on how the feed displays on Slack.

No description.
Bret MartinBret Martin
Okta asked me to open an "idea" here in response to a comment about this on Twitter. If you care about this issue, please upvote the idea:
Michael KlimanovMichael Klimanov
@Bret Martin: Thanks for opening the "idea". The last and the only update is from 9/7/2017 advising that the issue is being worked on. Mine still doesn't work. Did anyone get it to work properly?User-added image
Adam JaphetAdam Japhet
What is the latest on this request?
We are also experiencing the same issue and it is hindering our ability to proactively monitor the Okta Trust feed
Adam JaphetAdam Japhet
Note that the W3 ATOM feed validator is reporting some issues with the RSS feed