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Bryan GordonBryan Gordon 

Non-AD users re-routed to Okta signon page

Good morning:

We just rolled out Office 365 to our users in Okta.

The problem is that we have email boxes/accounts that are NOT in active directory. They were created directly from Office 365.

When these non-AD users try to sign on to Office 365, they're re-routed to the Okta signon.  They're unable to sign in because there isn't an AD account for them.

Is there a way to have these users not re-route to the Okta signon?
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)

It sounds like you've switch on Okta to perform the SSO to Office 365. I've also seen you're earlier questions about some users who are not in AD and that are O365 Cloud based users. If you have configured you're office 365 tenant to federate to Okta then all users with the suffix will get redirected to login to Okta.

Those users who are not in AD should be created in the Okta tenant as "Okta mastered users" ie have a similar named user in Okta with a password in Okta that they authenticate with to Okta, that then provides them with SSO via federation to the Office 365 tenant.

So far as the other users who are using the rich clients they too are now trying to authenticate to Office 365 via the Okta federation by the sounds of things.

I suggest you contact support to help assist with the requirements.

Bryan GordonBryan Gordon
I added the non-AD user in Okta, but when I try to launch via a chiclet I get a message stating:
Your account has not been configured for this application.
Please contact your Okta administrator and ask them to import your account from Active Directory.

the issue is: I don't need them Active directory.  I imported the office 365 account into universal directory but the error still persist.
Eldad LivniEldad Livni
Hi @Bryan,
Did you manage to resolve this issue? If so, please share the solution.
Any assistance would be appreciated.