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Margaret PattersonMargaret Patterson 

End User Technical Support Contact

The End User Technical Support Contact user is a required field.  I would like to make this a telephone number rather than an email address.  Is there a way to do achieve this?
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Margaret
There are Support Phone and Help Link fields under Settings > Account. If you supply a value for Help Link, that's what the user sees instead of email address.
Margaret.Patterson ADMIDaaS-PattemcMargaret.Patterson ADMIDaaS-Pattemc
Thanks Gabriel.   However, I have already specified the Support Phone an Help Link, butthe Technical Support Contact User is still the value that is displayed.  If I try and remove it to only leave the Help Link value I get an error stating 'This field cannot be left blank'
Emanuel CostisorEmanuel Costisor (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Margaret,
While the technical contact is mandatory, the support phone and help link are not.
If you are seing a different behaviour on your end, please submit a support ticket through the support portal (https://support.okta.com/help) for further investigation.

If you configure a help link, it will be displayed instead of the technical contact email at the bottom of the Okta home page.
The phone number will be displayed if you follow the help link on the Okta sign in page.
Ethan WolkowiczEthan Wolkowicz
I would like to add on to this that we can't use an email distro.  We use the universal directory and do not have a generic tech support user.  This field should really let you set any email address (or value) you want rather than a registered user only.  Right now all tech support goes to a single person which is not idea.
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Ethan
We recommend you create a user whose email address is the distribution list, then set the Technical Contact to that user.
Jessica WooleyJessica Wooley
I have run into a similar situation as Margaret - would prefer to provide a phone number for contact, not an email.  Our support team doesn't receive enough information in the email to even determine who the user is, so the emails are largely ignored. We currently have both populated, but I think an either/or situation would be preferrable. Is there any way to achieve this?