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Sheshagiri Batni RaghunatharaoSheshagiri Batni Raghunatharao 

How to send Destination URL from Shibboleth Service Provider

I am using Shibboleth as my service provider and Okta as my identity provider.  I would like to use only one application in Okta and depending on the some parameter received from Service provider I should be able to redirect to different destination after successful authorization. Is it possible. If so how can we do it.
Ovidiu PirvuOvidiu Pirvu (Okta, Inc.)
Hello Sheshagiri,

       We need more information on this custom implementation so we can get the proper understanding of the needed resources.
       However, I have attached this link ( that should help.

Thank you,

Ovidiu Pirvu
Okta Global Customer Care
Sheshagiri Batni RaghunatharaoSheshagiri Batni Raghunatharao
Hi, I have two application (Ex. Application_1 and Application_2) published separately in the same app server. I have installed the single Shibboleth service provider to find from where the request is coming and divert it to appropriate IdP request. In Okta Currently I have created two apps namely okta_app1 with postback url redirecting to an asp page in Application_1 and okta_app2 with post back url redirecting to asp page in Application_2. Shibboleth is sending SAML Request to either okta_app1 or okta_app2 depending on the request coming from Application_1 or Application_2 respectively and Okta redirects to appropriate page. Instead of creating two applications in Okta(i.e app1 and app2) I would like to create only one application in okta namely okta_myApp. Postback Url of okta_myAPP should decide whether the SAML Response should be sent to Application_1 or Application_2 depending on some parameter/configuration. I would like to know whether this is possible with any configuration. Thanks and Regards Sheshagiri