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Court PassantCourt Passant 

Outlook for Mac / Okta verification error

After a recent password change, Outlook for Mac keeps prompting for an Okta sign in.  Exchange Online doesn't seem to recongnize and Okta window keeps popping up.  Anyone wlse experiencing this issue?
Bogdan MusatBogdan Musat (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Court,
Please try to clear up the previous password from the key-chain on mac and see if you have the same issue after that step.
Parth SwadasParth Swadas
This could be due to IWA. 

Check if your MAC devices have IWA enabled. 
Barbara AdamsBarbara Adams
We are experiencing the same issue with Mac and Outlook. Has there been any update?
Court PassantCourt Passant
Hello, thanks for checking in on me. I'm traveling and my machine is home based. Will check it when I return. Court
Rami TohmeRami Tohme
Hi there,
I got the same problem and was advised by the IT department of my company to do this:
Delete all keychain items regarding Microsoft in your login keychain. You can do this by opening the 'Keychain Access' application.
Search for Microsoft and delete everything.
That worked for me.
Court PassantCourt Passant
This fixed it. Thank you for the solution!