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Joe FedorowiczJoe Fedorowicz 

Default Domain Question


I've got Federation set up through Okta. Everything works great. However, we'd like to use the Office 365 Groups feature and associate the email address to our old default domain, giving it that email address (can't change it when the defualt is the vanity domain). 

I'm guessing I can't just change it back right? I really need my @company domain to be default. 

Joe FedorowiczJoe Fedorowicz
Thanks. I understand that, but it looks as though there is a major disconnect between Office365 Groups and the ability to Federate. Working with Microsoft on it. 

Paul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryanPaul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryan
I am fairly sure the default doamin will need to NOT be the federated domain.
How are you creating users in O365?

You could look at either the provisioning feature within Okta to alter the email address provisoned for the default user, or if you are syncing users via AAD connect that has a similar capability.