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Katie EvansKatie Evans 

Okta Verify with multiple accounts (Android)

When will this be available for Android devices?
Stefan PescaruStefan Pescaru (Okta, Inc.)
The fact users would like to have this feature to be available is known to Okta, yet there is no release date for this feature. However, there is a Feature Request opened on this subject, which you can upvote here (https://support.okta.com/help/ideas/viewIdea.apexp?id=087F0000000M1ZvIAK). That will help speed things up. 
Karolina WankeKarolina Wanke (Okta, Inc.)
Hi All,
There is no confirmed release date available for this feature at this point. However, it is planned for Q1/Q2. 

Thank you, 
Katie EvansKatie Evans
Hello, any updates on this? The documentation still does not specify that this feature is not available for Android devices.

Tony BeardoTony Beardo
Any updates on this?
Fred LeeFred Lee
Okta Verify version 3.0.0-30000281 supports multiple accounts. Be sure to update your version from the Play store.