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Carlos GuerreraCarlos Guerrera 

Import error after moving orgs in G Suite

I get the error below whenh I try to import from G Suite after moving an org. The structure in G Suite used to be \San Diego\Tijuana. I moved \Tijuana to the root.

An error occurred during import

Failed to download users. Error setting AppUserProperty error=[Field error in object 'GoogleAppBaseProfile' on field 'orgUnitPath': rejected value [null]; codes [notOneOf.GoogleAppBaseProfile.orgUnitPath,notOneOf.orgUnitPath,,notOneOf]; arguments []; default message [Invalid data value for REFERENCE 'orgUnitPath' (type=GoogleOrganizationUnit): '/Tijuana']] 

Thanks in advance
Bogdan MusatBogdan Musat (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Carlos,

Could you please try the following:
Re-authenticate your API credentials, make sure that you are using a Google Apps admin credentials when doing this​.
Also you can try and do a "Refresh App data" by going to Applications> Applications and on the right side you will find the button. After that is done, try another import and see if it is working.
Thank You,

Bogdan Musat
Okta Global Customer Care
Carlos GuerreraCarlos Guerrera
Thanks for the reply. I ended up reverting back to the structure I had before, then syncing and then restructuring again. I'll try your suggestion next time.
Paul TaylorPaul Taylor
 Old thread - but: "Refresh App Data" worked for me
RC SupportRC Support
Refresh app data no longer exsists and im having the same issue now.. how to continue?

Ive forced sync, ive reauth'd dont know anymore.