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Brian PriceBrian Price 

Auto Provision of SalesForce Manager

I'm working on setting up automated user provisioning from Active Directory > Okta > SalesForce.  For the most part I have it working as desired, but I'm having trouble getting the Manager attribute to populate in SalesForce properly.   

I've tried pushing the Active Directory DN for the manager and also just the Firstname Lastname with the syntax below. 

getManagerUser("active_directory").firstName + " " + getManagerUser("active_directory").lastName

In both cases SalesForce does not seem to understand the resulting data push and we get the following error in the Okta logs....  

"Failed to push Manager app user attribute for to salesforce"
Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Brian
I believe the default expression to send to Salesforce's "managerId" is:
getManagerAppUser("active_directory", "salesforce").ExternalId

Did you give that a try?