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Parth SwadasParth Swadas 

IWA with MAC/OSX devices


We have MAC/OSX devices in domain. We do not have Push server for MAC but IWA used to be working for all users

Now users are complaining as OKTA promopts for password. Is there any changes to OKTA IWA?

We upgarded IWA a month back to version 1.9.2 but i think issue started before iwa upgrade.

Any suggestions?

Ovidiu PirvuOvidiu Pirvu (Okta, Inc.)

If the users are getting redirected to [domain].okta.com/login/default it means they are getting redirected by IWA as their computer is not detected as being Domain-joined.

Can you please also review the article : 

Thank you,
Kris HerringKris Herring
We have this issue a lot with our users being partly field and partially office working. If they're here at the office (or any of our offices) then they have to join the domain when connecting to the network, and while they're out at a jobsite running off of a hotspot they'll have to enter in their credentials. For the most part, not many of our users complain about this, as it is a minor inconvenience. I personally will tell them to just type in their credentials when this occurs as there isn't a way yet to automatically sign them in if they're not joined to the domain.
Parth SwadasParth Swadas
Hi @Kris

in our case, when users are in domain and accessing from whitelisted public IP, they still need to enter username/password for OKTA login.

Parth SwadasParth Swadas

Login request goes to IWA first https://iwaservername/IWA and then redirected to /login/default page.

What could be the issue?

Derek FullerDerek Fuller
Any update on this?  We are in the middle of an Okta trial and experience the same issue Parth mentioned above.  
Russ SedgwickRuss Sedgwick
We started having this same issue a few weeks ago. Users are promted for login by IWA as well as Okta. Something changed in the past few weeks because this wasn't previously an issue. Any help would be appreciated. We still have an open case, but Okta support has not yet been helpful.