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Okta Verify App - unable to re-register on new phone(s)

We have a big challenge where business users are not able to re-register Okta verify app on their new phones as Okta verify app does not re-generate the bar code that can be added to their new phone.

We have MFA policy is set up as below in Okta for certian applications. 
Okta Verify - Required  and Security Questions - Optional 

During Enrollment process, users are prompted to enroll for Okta Verify and Security questions. 
When user's try to access applications they are prompted for authenticate via Okta Verify which they cannot as they changed the phone and Okta does not allow them to re-register to Okta verify. 

In this situation, we would like to users to have the ability to access applications via the second factor using Security Questions as they cannot re-register to Okta Verify. Is there a way to set up Okta MFA policy in such a way that users have an option to MFA using Security Questions to access the applications when they run into a situation where they cannot re-register to Okta verify. 
Adrian MocanuAdrian Mocanu (Okta, Inc.)
Thank you for reaching out to Okta Support, my name is Adrian and I'll be handling your case. 
When changing the phone  you can always select the security question MFA instead of Okta Verify by clicking on the arrow next to the Okta verify Icon, select Security Question, and then the user needs to go to settings so that he  can setup their Okta Veryify again.

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