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John GriffinJohn Griffin 

powershell error

When using the powershell module I receive this message:

Cannot validate argument on parameter 'oOrg'. The Org:prod is not defined in the Okta_org.ps1 file

However my Okta_org.ps1 file looks like this:
<# Okta_org.ps1 #>
# Verbose will print various informative messages
[Boolean]$oktaVerbose = $true
# define the default Okta Org you want to use, useful if you have more than one.
[String]$oktaDefOrg = "prod"

[Hashtable]$oktaOrgs = @{
                    prod = [Hashtable]@{
                            baseUrl  = [String]"https://blanked.okta.com"
                            secToken = [String]"hex blanked"
                            enablePagination = [boolean]$true
                            pageSize = [int]500

Did I miss something? (Probably did, I always do)

Gabriel SrokaGabriel Sroka (Okta, Inc.)
Hi John
I just tried it, and it worked fine for me. Did you try restarting PowerShell? When you import-module, it stays in memory until you remove-module and re-import it. Also, did you check the readme on:

Please note, too, that this is not the official Okta PowerShell Module. That one can be found here: