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Ismail MohideenIsmail Mohideen 

VPN Restrictions

Hello, We have an app hosted in AWS, accessible only in our offices whitelisted using our offices public ip for accessibility. Now, we have configured the same app in Okta. Now i want users to access the same app while they are in office through okta, and while they are outside of office i dont want any action taken if users clicks on the app in Okta. How do we do it ? May be i set up a message please connect to VPN, but if they click on i've connected to VPN, then the page is loading. Please help
George IonGeorge Ion (Okta, Inc.)
You can set up a policy from your Admin panel - > Security - > Policies - > Add new Okta sign-on policy and name it and add a description and then click on Add Rule and under the field If a user is located click on the dropdown menu and select Off Network and Then Access is Denied User-added image