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Paul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-BryanPPaul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-BryanP 

O365 and SIP address

Trying to populate the SIP address from on premise AD to O365.

On premise AD stores the Address in
MSRtcSipPrimaryUserAddress   string

The O365 attribute according to the Okta profile is
MSRtcSipPrimaryUserAddress   integer

When trying to asign the value over via the mapping editor I get the following error
user.msRtcSipPrimaryUserAddress string Invalid value data type for property 'MSRtcSipPrimaryUserAddress'

Has anyone else got the SIP address from internal AD to external O365 via Okta
Raphael LondnerRaphael Londner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Paul,

The MSRtcSipPrimaryUserAddress is supposed to a string, not an integer. Is there a way you can modify this in your Okta profile?

Let us know,

Paul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-BryanPPaul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-BryanP
Acknowledged to be a bug.  

Being fixed in version 2016.52