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Erik MolnarErik Molnar 

jira cloud provisioning not working

I am trying to configure provisioning for Jira cloud v1000.482.3, and I am having issues getting it to work. I am an administrator in Jira. However, when I enable provisioning in Okta and try to test my credentials I get the following error - Could not verify the Jira administrator login, password; please confirm that these are set correctly.

I have confirmed my username and password. I have been looking over settings and I noticed within Jira settings, that "External user management is turned off. Jira help says to turn this on when you are managing all your users from outside Jira. 

I am thinking maybe I need to have this feature on in order for provisioning to work. Has anyone run into this? 

I will also note that we ran into same issues during POC. We discovered that someone from another department had done a POC with Okta and configured it to work with Jira previously. We had to make a change in Okta to separate the previous Okta POC account and our Jira account. Once that change was made, I was able to enable provisioning on our new Okta account. However, it still does not work. I cannot get past the admin authentication test. 

James FloresJames Flores (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Eric, 

It sounds like, in order to get the Okta POC working you had to disable the previous POC as if it revoked an external managment token. If that was the case when setting up the Okta POC it make sense that you now need to disable the Jira app in the Okta  POC before setting up this production instance.  Also, do the Jira logs shows any of your failed attempts to sign in from Okta? If this is still an issue it may be easier to jump into a GoToMeeting to review everything. If you'd like to persue that I'd recommend starting a support ticket.