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Mohit SharmaMohit Sharma 



What should be URL for develoeprs admin as base URL while connecting using SCIM connector for provisioning (example and seems like it should be https, Is this correct?
How can we get certifciates from Okta if above URL is https

Raphael LondnerRaphael Londner (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Mohit,

If you're looking at the SCIM endpoint to create users, you'll find the correct information at, but the base SCIM url is, not /api/v1.

What do you hope of achieving by importing the Okta certificates? If you are building your SCIM as an OAuth 2.0-based app (cf. then our openID Connect configuration endpoint ( and especially the jwks_uri value that gives you access to the keys available for your SCIM app.

I hope this helps!

Joël FranusicJoël Franusic (Okta, Inc.)

If you want to receive SCIM messages from Okta (where Okta is the "client" sending messages to a "server"), then Okta you will need to configure Okta, or the Okta On-Premise Provisioning (OPP) client with the base URL for your SCIM server.

Okta does not support receiving SCIM messages sent to Okta (where Okta is the "server" and your code is the "client"). If you want to provision users inside of an Okta org, you will need to use the Users API.

In either of these scenarios, the HTTP endpoints would need to be protected with SSL certificates signed by a trusted root certifacte authority.