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Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau 

Block access to self-service applications

Is it possible to block access to self-service applications for specific user groups?  

We have enabled a number of self-service external applications (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) for our internal employee population.   We recently began to add external users to our universal directory to allow  them to access custom built customer and partner applications.  We would prefer they not use the self-service applications.


Brian AndersonBrian Anderson (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Michael,

For now, the self-service capability is a global setting that can't be applied in a granular group-by-group or user-by-group fashion.  However, there is a feature request that already has 90 votes:

Please upvote it when you have a moment, as that's the best way to influence its inclusion in our roadmap!


Brian Anderson
Technical Support Engineer
Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau
Thanks!  I've voted for that feature request.

Pablo ValarezoPablo Valarezo