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Vicki PerrisVicki Perris 

Anyone done an okta/blackboard transact

Has anyone done an integration with Blackboard Transact and Okta? This is the Blackboard that handles eAccounts, like depositing money on your id card. It isn't in OAN (there is a blackboard there, but that is something different)

The public URL for the company is:

James FloresJames Flores (Okta, Inc.)
Hi Vicki,

There are a few options for this scenario. The direction you take is a bit dependant on what Blackboard provides. Either way you'll need the Application Integration Wizard to create your own app since the desired app is currently not in the OAN.  

If Blackboard provides SAML features you can create your own SAML application, if they don't you may be able to create a SWA app. For more information on the Application Integration Wizard please visit
Vicki PerrisVicki Perris
Thanks for the response...We are working with Blackboard on this, but before we proceed, we wanted to know if anyone has already done an okta/bbt integration. We are a bit hesitant about being the first one.