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Paul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryanPaul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryan 

okta verify application

In the admin add application menu, there is an Okta Verify Application.

Whats is the purpose of this application as it does not seem to be configurable?
Kevin TurnerKevin Turner (Okta, Inc.)
Okta Verify is the MFA application that can be added to listed applications for your tenant.  You're right you do no sign in to it, but once it's enabled you can automatically configure it to be auto installed to mobile devices (from the mobile tab) to peoples Phones and Tablets who are enrolled to the Okta Mobility Management portion of Okta.
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Paul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryanPaul.Bryan ADMIDaaS-paul.bryan
Thanks, so its purpose is more in the MDM space.