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William WhiteWilliam White 

Retrieving Group information

We are an existing customer (account under HCC insurance or Tokio Marine HCC) and had a question regarding implementing OKTA widgets.  I’ve signed up for the OKA Developers Account and was able to successfully login and retrieve 2 objects, res.user.profile.login and res.user as shown in the sample code from your site.  How do I retrieve the Group information?  I’ve gone ahead and assigned users to groups, but the res object does not return the group details.
Sohaib AjmalSohaib Ajmal (Okta, Inc.)
Hi William,

You can do it using the Open ID in your sign in widget. For example you can see this link how to use Open ID Connect in sign in widget. Once you configure this in the response object you would get claims that will have be groups. Before you do that in Open ID application, you would need to enable passing groups. Please see this link for passing groups ()

If you need detailed assistance with this can you please create support ticket with us. Or send an email to